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Hello, Welcome to Tribros Cycles Inc. Nuvotrike store. My brother And I invented the Nuvotrike with the customer in mind. We wanted to make something easy to ride easy to store and comfortable for all riders. We bring you The front freewheel pedal design rear suspension. Nuvotrike 

Check Out our Nuvo E Trike !!!

The Nuvo-E-Trike Pedal assist 3 speed electric . Although this looks very similar to the Manual pedal version of the Nuvotrike it is a little bit different. We have installed a 36v 250w pedal assisted electric motor to the rear wheel to help push when going uphill. The Nuvo-E-Trike has an added E disk brake setup in the rear.

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We wanted to create a Tricycle that was simple to use comfortable and affordable. We designed and patented the NUVOTRIKE and the NUVO E TRIKE. Both tricycles are easily stored, transported and lightweight compaired to other tricycles in the same class.

Nuvo E Trike At the Beach

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