About Us

Brother's Mike and Chris Trifaro originally started out trying to create an adult size tricycle so Mike could keep up with his 7 year old son Michael on his big wheel. Mike thought that instead of standing in the park watching his son he could get some exercise while watching. Mike had an idea and asked his brother Chris for help. (Chris is a Mechanic/Machinist By trade)  Chris and Mike created the Nuvotrike. People would see Mike riding with his son in the park and ask where they could buy one of them. Mike and Chris brought their invention to be patented and eventually to a manufacturer where the Nuvotrike was produced. After producing the Nuvotrike Sales started. Mike and Chris went to a Few special needs fairs and spoke with many therapists, Mike is also a Physical Therapist and knew this could be great for people that have trouble balancing on 2 wheels but still want to ride a Bicycle. The trike then took a turn. The Special Needs community loved the Nuvotrike and Mike and Chris really felt great about their invention being able to help people get exercise and not worry about balance.